It takes courage and vulnerability to seek support.

I am glad you are here.


"We don’t have to do it all alone. We were never meant to.”

Brené Brown


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I believe therapy is not a one size fits all approach. As a bilingual licensed marriage and family therapist, I offer client-centered therapy to individuals, couples, adolescents and families. Choosing a therapist means selecting someone who will hear your most intimate thoughts. I know this can be challenging, so I have provided some information about who I am and how I work so you get to know me better.


My values and focus

  • Compassion

  • Connection

  • Resilience and Growth

  • Tranquility

  • Authenticity


Individual Therapy

Guidance & Empowerment


Couples Therapy

Embrace Life’s Challenges Together


Family Therapy

Get the Most out of Life

Stressed Woman

Therapy for Therapists

Burn out?

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